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The forth of July was the last time I saw my Dad alive.

We watched the fireworks from the hospital window.

That’s why I hate this holiday.


Hi, I was just wondering what profession/college major you have that allows you to travel often?

Never stop moving... answered:

Hi good question!

I wouldn’t necessarily attribute my travel experience to my college major or career interests, (Entrepreneurship with a minor in International Affairs, if you’re interested). I was very fortunate to be raised by parents who shared a love of travel and invested in sharing that with my sister and I. Growing up like that has given me the mind set to always make travel a priority, regardless of my major I have always sought out study abroad opportunities taking me to Cuba and South Africa in college, and South East Asia and Northern Ireland in high school. Lastly I always have a ‘travel fund’ saving for my next trip I know sooner or later I am going to have a next destination in mind and will need to fund my own way.

If you’re interested in traveling more my best advice would be to start planning now. Make a list of countries and places you want to go, it’s okay to start small, near by states can be just as interesting as far away countries. Also seek out any and all opportunities that might lead you to those places, trips, study abroad or friends. And most importantly start saving, it’s possible to travel on a budget, in fact I would recommend it, but money makes things happen which is an unfortunate reality.

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Man oh man, nothing like getting super jazzed about what’s on the horizon.